Anime Overload

Welcome to the Airship Isabella‘s new blog! Commander Amarante Leroux here with our first installment of news. We hope to use this as a reliable place to not only keep you voyeurs updated on the crew’s activities, but to also provide articles, tutorials, and stories of particular interest for the curious and like-minded.

We’ll start off with the latest news concerning our most recent mission in Austin, TX. Anime Overload. It was a small convention held in the Austin Events Center, perhaps the smallest I have ever had the pleasure to personally attend. Nonetheless, the consensus among the crew was a positive one, as the experience was an overall good one. During the weekend, we had the opportunity to work more closely with the crew of the Neo Dulcimer, our sister ship. We held a total of three panels (‘History of Steampunk’, ‘Steampunk modifications’, ‘What IS steampunk?’), and while they proved to be a challenge considering the constant noise in the convention center, we had a good number of loyal attendees who were happy to bare with us and were at each one. (Much appreciation goes out to those who stuck it out with us!) Saturday night, our friendly neighborhood First Officer – Javert Marchand – was even pulled on stage by the lovely and talented Kimberly of One-Eyed Doll and promptly had the gumbo knocked out of him. The convention was also a great place for connections, so…. well…. keep an eye out for updates on our Events Schedule. September will be a busy month.

To wrap this post up, I’ll leave it at this: Keep your eyes on the horizon… and this blog.

~ Commander Leroux

The Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadrona


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