A letter found aloft…

Grave trouble has fallen upon the Airship Isabella and her crew.
In attempt to make a jump, the Aether reserves have overloaded thanks to a bolt of lightning to their core. Naturally their polarity would repel such a hazard, but something or someone has a play in this. The Airship Neo Dulcimer was prepared to piggyback the jump field as always and channel in their ships reserves to aid in the extra power needed. Now both ships hang in the sky with no power and nowhere to go but down. They have set a landing course, directly below in the lands of south Texas on the world we call Genesis, the world known to its inhabitants as Earth.

Beware, the crew of these ships are not entirely themselves. Something has infected the air; aether energy has polluted the ships internally and affected the crew, altering their minds and bodies. Only I remain unaffected, a clockwork doll with no organics only mechanics to rely on to keep me ticking. I am sending you this as a warning, please be careful, they are not themselves. They have gone mad, fighting violently amongst themselves… I have locked myself in the ships hold, occasionally they come and shout at me through the door trying to tear it down…. Please help..

— Time Keeper, Nyxie Essex

Realms Con, Corpus Christi October 1-3rd


LouisiANIME Post Mission Report!

Early Tuesday morning, Javert and I departed from our station in the Kansas aerodrome…. our destination? Houston, Texas. After many hours of battling hurricane fronts and Marchand’s love of all things tourism, we made dock in San Leon and rendezvoused with the rest of the crew who had set up camp just outside of Houston. We spent a day or so playing sweat shop and mosquito bait, much to Capt’n Whittaker’s amusement, then made way to Baton Rouge – Javert’s home town – for a gathering by the name of LouisiANIME.

It was the first time that we had the honor of visiting another sector of this dimension, as we had mostly been invited to events in Texas ‘til this point. We didn’t really know what to expect or prepare for, and well… Long story short, the crew was blown away by the reception we received upon reaching our destination. Our panels were full to the point of overflow, our tables were an area of high-traffic and heavy interest, and we had the fortune of meeting and greeting with many a con-goer. The staff were friendly, accommodating and very pleasant to work with. A variety of massive ‘thank yous’ should go out to everyone who made this weekend such a spectacular success. After the convention, we paid my own home town, New Orleans, a visit and crew-bonded over beignets and alcohol. Overall, it was an amazing time, and we hope to have the opportunity to return to Louisiana as soon as we can. (Helpful Hint: You want us back? Tell your local conventions! It’s as easy as posting on the forums.)

Next on the agenda, we will be paying Corpus Christi, Texas a visit for a gathering called Realms Con. Pay close attention now, not everything may be what it seems…

~ Commander Amarante Leroux