Countdown to Houston

Oni-Con is on the horizon! Look for us this weekend in Houston, TX at the Marriott Westchase hotel and convention center. We’ll be selling Steampunk goods and modifications, hosting panels, Club Oni’s Steampunk night, the Steampunk Museum and Bazaar, and much more!

Then, Halloween Night, come on out and see us at The Meridian where we’ll be attending The Deadman’s Ball for a HELL of a Halloween Bash! We’ll be hosting an Oni-Con after-party and Costume Contest. If you don’t come out for us, at LEAST come out for the one and only Voltaire, Razorblade Dolls, and DJ iENIGMA!



Something was wrong, something was terrible, she just knew it. They weren’t themselves… They had always been darker than the average person, always more volatile and dangerous, but this was something different. She saw it, others saw it, but how could they make it better? She had once been told of a concept called sickness, where the “infected” would change and suffer. Doctors would help them, treat them, but something told her no pokes or magic capsules would help her now.

The infection continues, and They become more incoherently vicious by the moment.

Who will help her?


Post con report!

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