Something was wrong, something was terrible, she just knew it. They weren’t themselves… They had always been darker than the average person, always more volatile and dangerous, but this was something different. She saw it, others saw it, but how could they make it better? She had once been told of a concept called sickness, where the “infected” would change and suffer. Doctors would help them, treat them, but something told her no pokes or magic capsules would help her now.

The infection continues, and They become more incoherently vicious by the moment.

Who will help her?


Post con report!

The crew has returned from Corpus Christi mostly intact. We had a blast with everyone who attended, and fully plan on returning next year. We’ll be there with more merchandise, more panels, and one spectacularly steampunk’d ball that is already in the works as I write these words.

A short interview was held at the end of the con, featuring ASI’s Captain Cedric Whittaker, First Officer Javert Marchand, Navigator Amelia Whittaker, and the Neo Dulcimer’s Captain Lazuli Delacru. Our section begins at about 3:10, but there are interviews with a number of other fantastic people worth watching as well! Also, our very own Nyxie Essex and Kitty Livingston were honored by being featured in the local news, Here.

We have a number of up and coming events on the horizon. This coming Sunday, those in the Kansas area should drop by Alternate Realities for a one day Steampunk Town Faire! The Kansas crew, as seen at last years Anime Festival Wichita, will be there to sell their wares, mingle, play games, host movies and more.

Scheduled to appear: Airship Isabella; Airship Silver Lining; The Eidolon Theatre
Events: Steam punk exhibits of props and costumes, Victorian Era and Steam Punk Games, Eating Contests, Silent Movie Theatre, Music and more!
Cost: FREE!
Time: 12-7 on Sunday Oct 10th, 2010

Next, Texans in the Austin area can look forward to the 6th annual Art Outside, October 22-24th at Apache Pass!

Also, remember to keep your calenders open for the last weekend of October to come see us at Houston’s Oni-Con, and spend one spectacularly spooky Halloween night at the The Deadman’s Ball where we will be hosting a costume contest to the varied geniuses of the infamous Voltaire, Razorblade Dolls, and DJ iENIGMA!


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