Updating log…

Straight from our station at Yule Con, Commander Leroux here. Our stay in the Dallas Fort Worth area for this joyously holiday-rific event has been one wrought with…. interest. Long story short, we’ll be walking away from this one with a few new tales to tell. Nonetheless, it will be a memorable one, and an enjoyable one at that. Spending time with our good friends Christopher and Greg Ayres, their many VA and musical brethren, our very own Patchwork Santa, the Marquis de Vaudeville, Kimberly and Junior of One Eyed Doll, and many many MANY more who deserve mention but it would take forever and a day to do so… was a blast in and of itself.

Our next gig? The one and only Dickens on the Strand T minus three weeks….


5 thoughts on “Updating log…

  1. I met Capt Hawk on the strand. I invited him to go back in time to the 1860’s and fight as confederte calalvry. I aminviting all the Steam Punks that own horses to go back with the Terry’s Texas Rangers and fight along side us. Also we have cannon and infrantry position too all armed.
    Come Join us and kill some yankee’s All are welcome
    Cheif of Scouts
    The Hogman


    What fine Gentelmen Your Captain Hawk and his Officers were to meet.

  2. Hey. Had a great time at Dickens with you guys. Got me inspired enough to star building 3 of my own guns. A Sniper Rifle/Regular Rifle /Shotgun. An LMG. And a Pistol. I’ll post pics as soon as they are done.

    • Contact me Lets get you guys involved in our reenacting the civil war. You guys leather work was some of the best I have seen. You could make your own tack real easy we have the patterns so bring your horse to our next drill also we are doing a battle on the strand in Jan. Come out and we will suit you up we have the clothes and guns no horses at this battle we are helping the history folks down there.
      The Hogman

    • We’re always glad to have you, Sabastian. Thanks for coming out and supporting the cause!

      We’d love to see your builds once you’re done- Feel free to post pictures on our forums… And let us know if you have any questions at all!

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