Ikkicon V

I hope you all had a merry christmas/happy yule/Hanukkah/jolly whatever-the-dickens-you-people-celebrate… As I well know that I and the rest of the Airship did.

Egg Nog and fat-men in red aside, the end of 2010 draws near, as does the dawn of 2011. With the turning of the year also comes Texas’s fifth annual Ikkkicon and the Airship Isabella’s official “one year” anniversary! So get your resolutions in order, tie up this year’s loose ends, and meet us out at the Hilton Austin for a way to ring in the New Year you’ll nay soon forget.

Friday night, join us from 9:00-11:00 PM in “Salon F” on the 6th Floor for the official ASI Birthday Gathering. There will be music, dancing, prizes to be won in a dueling tournament, and of course a little something to help commemorate where we’ve been in the last year, where we’re going, and the amazing people who have supported, inspired, and encouraged us along the way.


Dickens on the Strand

Words cannot possibly describe the experience that was Galveston’s 37th annual Dickens on the Strand this year. The only one that truly comes to mind time and time again is plain and simply: “Wow.”

Just. Wow.

Steampunks from around the U.S. joined the Isabella and Neo Dulcimer this weekend, united under one common banner of camaraderie and friendship. Young and old alike walked side-by-side, regarded one another with respect and dignity, and showed the world what our passion is all about. It’s more than snazzy clothes and props clad with clockwork – it’s about sharing artistic ideas and forging life-long friendships that never would have come into existence otherwise. It’s about parents suddenly finding a common interest with their children that everyone can enjoy, and experiencing a renaissance of age-old morals, ideas, and aesthetics.

The Airship Isabella and her crew would like to thank all who attended the events this weekend, though a mere thanks hardly describes the unanimous feelings and gratitude we all feel. Airships Archaeopteryx, Edelweiss, Aurora, and so many, MANY more helped our crew in so many ways this weekend. And, as Captain Lazuli Delacru himself said, even those who were unable to attend were in our hearts. We are more than just a group of like-minded individuals… We are comrades and we are family.

We hope to return to Dickens on the Strand next year – and hope to bring even bigger, better, more spectacular of a showing. That, of course, can only be done with YOUR – the community’s – help! You all have warmed our hearts and given us the drive to continue on doing what we are doing… And we would be nowhere without you.

In the mean time, let’s celebrate! The year’s end approaches fast, as well as ASI’s final destination for 2010: Ikkicon V in the Austin, Texas aerodrome. Last year’s Ikkicon saw the start of a cacophony of new opportunities for ASI, and was what helped mold the crew to be what it is today. Thus, we have chosen this destination to hold the Isabella’s official one year birthday celebration! Come on out and help ring in the new year with new and old friends alike, with a steampunk flair to boot!

Stand by for more information while the event is scheduled. Also, keep your eye on the horizon as many new and exciting announcements may be on their way…