Knights of Steampunk

Not long ago, the Steampunk World’s Fair announced that their very own Queen Victoria would be knighting five deserving Steampunks at this year’s festivities in Somerset, New Jersey! Our Captain, Cedric “Greyhawk” Whittaker, is in the running.

According to the site, the ceremony is one meant to honor and recognize those who have contributed to the Community during their time in the limelight.

Please, choose wisely, and vote your heart. Vote for the person you feel has given the most to the Community as a whole, who you respect and look up to, and who you would be proud to have as a Steampunk Knight at The Steampunk World’s Fair!

– Steampunk World’s Fair Website

Voters have before midnight on May 1st to cast their votes.

Over the past year, we of the Isabella have followed our Captain through thick and thin. We have been there through all of the sacrifice, the work and endless road dogging, and together we have seen the amazing spectacles of what we can do when we just put our minds to it. If it were not for him – none of this would be here. We deeply appreciate any and all support, and while all of the runners are deserving in their very own rights, we hope to see your vote. 🙂

Vote for Cedric Whittaker!

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