Clockwork Con 2012

Now that I have gotten enough sleep in one sitting to qualify as rest, I would like to say thank you to everyone who attended Clockwork Con this weekend.  It exceeded our hopes for a great con by leaps and bounds.  To Alex and Tiffany Whisenhunt, guys, you did an AMAZING job.   Great volunteers, really good hotel, and my daughter’s dream line up for bands.  I couldn’t ask for better bosses!  Normally I would put something in here about being great for a first year con.  Pooey.  It was great for a con that has been going on for years: well organized, accessible staff, friendly atmosphere, original programming, rocking burlesque and did I mention the great band line up?  You guys knocked this one out of the park.  We can’t wait for next year!

I, Amelia, often gauge events for my personal satisfaction levels based on the number and quality of the stories that come out of them.  To say that this event was anything other than epic would be a HUGE disservice to the event.  I would like to share some of those stories with you guys.  These are my personal stories of things that happened to me that will stick with me from the con.

On Saturday afternoon, my daughter, her step-mom, her dad and I decided that it would be a great idea to skip down the hallway leading up to the con.  It wasn’t terribly crowded and we were just having that much fun.   I was on the far left, closest to the meeting rooms and to the right were windows.   We made it about halfway down the hall, when, in mid skip, a door flew open right in front of me.  I screamed, threw myself out of the way and thereby in front of my daughter and caused the cascade effect of us all fumbling and nearly falling down.  It was something out of the Three Stooges and it was hysterical!  We laughed.  The guy who opened the door laughed.  The people in the hall who witnessed the event nearly peed themselves laughing.  Side note:  I know the lineup of people involved might sound strange to most people, but my ex-husband and I don’t hate each other.  We just couldn’t be married anymore.  We are great, so long as we don’t have to live together or make daily decisions together.  We have our moments, but all friends do.  I like his new wife, and he likes my new husband, though we both remarried almost 10 years ago.  I guess new isn’t the right term, but you know what I mean.  And we love our children very, very much.  We are committed to having both of us in their lives, and my ex and his wife became active in the steampunk community because it is so much a part of the children’s lives with us.  Then they realized how cool it is, and got even more involved for themselves!

Also on Saturday afternoon, I was taking a much needed smoke break with the kid’s step mom.  Two girls came up, and one of them said “Someone just recently made me quit smoking,  so I’m going to enjoy the second hand smoke.”   I had recently purchased a nifty new electronic cigarette, and wanted to show it to her.  Being in steampunk  garb and having a total lack of pockets, I had been storing it in my bra.  I held my finger up and said “wait, I want to show you this!”  I went to reach inside my shirt to pull out the cigarette, and realized it wasn’t in the normal easy access spot.  I then got really concerned because it was a relatively expensive piece of equipment.  I pulled my bra to the side and started to actively look.  I didn’t find it in the left breast, so I looked on the right side.  No luck.  Jamika was now concerned as well and asked, “Did you loose it?”.  I reached inside my bra, thoroughly searched both sides, and looked up and said “It appears so.”  I then turned to apologize to the girls and tell them about the e-cigarette instead, but they were actively running away.  I tilted my head in confusion when Jamika looked at me and started laughing.  “You were totally just feeling yourself up.”  Ooops.  So, if you are reading this, I swear I’m not that kind of pervert.  I just have no couth.

There are so many more to tell: sitting talking BCTODAT with SheIs, the +15 drunk, giving a serious business panel with a balloon tied to my wrist, Pablo’s birthday roast, calling our first officer at 2am on Saturday just to say we missed him and Amarante, listening to Steam Powered Giraffe, hearing Dear Isabella by Marquis of Vaudeville live for the first time, seeing all of the Order characters come to life, the wing ceremony for Andy and Suzo, Zombie’s interaction with Mentor, running from Faust out of the Dark Steampunk panel, the look on Kitty’s face with the Spine remembered her from Wild Wild West Con, and so so many other wonderful memories.

The costumes at the event were wonderful, and the Gageteer festival was awe inspiring.  It was great bantering with the Sky Dogs and getting to know some of the other crews better.  I think my favorite part of this convention was that we had time to interact with the attendees.  It was busy enough that there was always something for people to do, but not so busy that we found ourselves booked into exhaustion.  Our volunteer staff was wonderful, and allowed the crew, especially our table crew, a chance to pull away from the table a bit, and actually get to know the community that we love so much.  Thank you again, Clockwork  Con, for throwing an outstanding event.  You were inspiring to all of us.  I can’t wait until next year!