Fire in Austin – Aid for Jenn Allison

We awoke this morning to a phone call from one of our members.  Her apartment was on fire.  She is safe and she was able to save her cat, Diana, but other than that, she ran with only what she could carry.  A change of clothes, her dolls, her laptop, her cat and her purse.  Everything else is gone.  People have been asking what they can do to help, and we have set up a paypal donation button that links directly to her paypal for those of you who would like to send her monetary help.  If the button does not appear for some reason the link below will take you to the site.  If you would like to give physical donations, our first officer, Rick Cape and the illustrious Dr. Vale (Mike Abernathy) will be coordinating those efforts.  I will post more information about that as soon as we have it.  Please keep Jenn and the other residents at the apartments in your prayers.

UPDATE: 12/21/2012

I can not express how humbled and grateful we are to all of you.  Your kindness and support has spoken volumes that all of us here at ASI and the community can hear for miles.  Thank you for helping our friend and giving her hope.  It’s the kind of Christmas gift that stays with you for a lifetime. Rick Cape and Chelsea Borgman are now running a facebook group that is coordinating relief efforts for Jenn.  For information on sending physical donations, contact Thaddeus Vale or Rick Cape on facebook.  An official ChipIn page has been created to coordinate further monetary donations.  All donations still go directly to Jenn’s account.  I have included links to all of the relevant sites below.

Again, thank you.

ChipIn donation site for Jenn Allison


Facebook GroupFire in Austin - Aid to Jenn Allison

Facebook Group
Fire in Austin – Aid to Jenn Allison