The Battle of Charmelle: The Vhaen Project | 5

Outside the great complex swarmed a mass of Order fleet. They had gathered for the sole purpose of digging those wretched rebels from their hiding place, and destroy whoever thought it a good idea to hide them.

Three small ships were what Whittaker had affectionately called “sniffer ships”. Thin hulled, equipment laden vessels with the capability to scan and detect the smallest modicum of life from one hundred feet above ground. If it was there, the sniffer fleet would find it. These ships in particular however, had been outfitted with a circular shaped disk about the bows. Like a metal detector, the ships were gazing down through the stone into the hull of the hangar…They had found their prize, and Grand Air Marshall Faust would be so pleased.

Alongside their perceptive team, warships of considerable size, not unlike what they had faced in the ambush, hovered just out of range. When the signal went up, the smaller deft ships made haste and the rain of fire began.


From within the hangar, the doors rattled with the percussion of the oncoming fire. The crew came crawling from the tunnels as a wave. To Cedric Whittaker it became clear that this was not a scenario one might hope for. Bullets quickly broke through the steel doors like rodents nibbling at cheese. Holes of varying sizes made the door weak, and it buckled as the firepower increased.

“They’re going to cave in!” Katherine cried ducking for cover.


“Get down!” Javert bellowed covering his head.


The door blew in with an ear shattering explosion of fire, smoke, and debris. The haze it created cleared for only a moment as the whipping of the cold winds dispersed it into the tunnels and caverns below.

Cedric stood to his feet, watching the light burst into the dark hangar all at once. The ship, so close to being repaired,  shuddered before them. None comprehended until the second grappling hook struck the ship and pierced the hull.

“NO!” The captain and his crew came over the barricades and walls with weapons in tow. “CUT THOSE LINES!”

Before they had cleared the first one hundred yards to the ship, three additional tethers had been fired and struck their mark. A fourth had missed and claimed the lives of a group of Katherine’s men, collapsing a structure and equipment as it flew.

The Isabella was beginning to move. It creaked and groaned as its weight was shifted along the concrete floor. The captain let out an unholy yell as he leapt upon the first of the cables. He hacked away with the edge of his cutlass, but it hardly dented the wound steel.

He swung again, losing his balance and grip with each swing. It was futile. The movement of the ship was unstoppable as the three warships circling the mountain hauled the Isabella out of the dark room into the light outside the facility. The crew fell back one by one, Whittaker at the last.

As the ship rose from it’s place near the entrance and with a blast of icy cold blew up into the sky carried by the Order warships.

The crew one by one stood at the edge of the hangar doors flanking the captain who had a fury in his eyes the likes of which had not been seen before. The rage tightened in his fists and set the line of his jaw. With a single motion he spun to face the crew.

“Those dirtbags have my Isabella. I am not ok with that. Fix it.”

The group turned their eyes up to the quickly disappearing ship. It took only moments to find, however, that their temporary home and hosts were in the throes of chaos. While the few uninjured dug out survivors and treated wounds others still laid about the hangar floor crying out in wails of pain and affliction.

The crew looked from themselves to the captain.


Cedric could hardly stand the rage it caused him. His Isabella in the hands of his enemies… and the pain it had brought these people who had sacrificed for them.

“You five, get us a map and the rest of you, if you’re wearing wings you better be digging these folks out of rubble or I’ll personally have you shot!”


A short update today, just to get you thinking about what really just happened! 😀


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