About Us

The Isabella is many things to many people… Among them: a privateer Airship for hire. Using advanced steam engineering augmented for dimensional travel with the use of the mysterious substance known only as aether, the ship and her crew travel through worlds and times in search of adventure and mayhem. Collecting the art, music and technology of the fragmented cultures and times they pass, they seek to present it to the masses as one substantial movement – A celebration of all things unorthodox as well as a testament to mankind and the common ground we all share but often forget. Roaming from exploit to exploit, the crew are a wayward group of souls who call one another family and seek to entertain, as well as enlighten, those from a more common ground.

The Airship Isabella is here to fly the flag for people with a style and mindset out of time and place. Whether they follow the lines of Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Goth, Industrial, or the otherwise unclassified freak, they will likely find a home within the group that has arrived to offer a platform for the presentation of art, music and ideas from all walks of life. An ever-growing presence in the convention circuit, Airship Isabella (otherwise known as ASI) has taken the con-world by storm with costuming, merchandise, and overall presence having made appearances at past events such as Green Steam Circus, Comicpalooza, Ikkicon, A-kon and many more. ASI is an established group of dedicated artists and performers of various talent, from two-dimensional art to leatherworking to character acting to prop building to literary works to panels to special effects, ASI has simply become known for offering it all.


One thought on “About Us

  1. We were in New Orleans sometime back. A man made me a dragonfly. I’m trying to find the guy who made it. We r looking to get another piece made.

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