Knights of Steampunk

Not long ago, the Steampunk World’s Fair announced that their very own Queen Victoria would be knighting five deserving Steampunks at this year’s festivities in Somerset, New Jersey! Our Captain, Cedric “Greyhawk” Whittaker, is in the running.

According to the site, the ceremony is one meant to honor and recognize those who have contributed to the Community during their time in the limelight.

Please, choose wisely, and vote your heart. Vote for the person you feel has given the most to the Community as a whole, who you respect and look up to, and who you would be proud to have as a Steampunk Knight at The Steampunk World’s Fair!

– Steampunk World’s Fair Website

Voters have before midnight on May 1st to cast their votes.

Over the past year, we of the Isabella have followed our Captain through thick and thin. We have been there through all of the sacrifice, the work and endless road dogging, and together we have seen the amazing spectacles of what we can do when we just put our minds to it. If it were not for him – none of this would be here. We deeply appreciate any and all support, and while all of the runners are deserving in their very own rights, we hope to see your vote. 🙂

Vote for Cedric Whittaker!

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Out of the Wild Wild West…


Recently, the crew had the opportunity to travel further than ever before in order to attend the first annual Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention in Tucson, Arizona. Perhaps the most phenomenal part? The event was to take place at Old Tucson Studios – a living, breathing, preservation of Americana and the Old West. Seeing as a good portion of both the Isabella and Neo Dulcimer are reduced to bouncing, overly excitable ten-year-olds at the mere mention of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, or Old Tombstone, you can imagine the reaction throughout the workshop when it was announced that we would be given the pleasure of appearing there March 4-6.

So after many grueling hours of travel, frolicking about Tombstone, sun-scorched work (including many pounds of sunscreen), a possible alien abduction, and dodging drug cartels along the Mexican Border – The Isabella and her crew have returned to her home port in Houston, calling the trip to an end.

And what a trip it was.

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Dickens on the Strand

Words cannot possibly describe the experience that was Galveston’s 37th annual Dickens on the Strand this year. The only one that truly comes to mind time and time again is plain and simply: “Wow.”

Just. Wow.

Steampunks from around the U.S. joined the Isabella and Neo Dulcimer this weekend, united under one common banner of camaraderie and friendship. Young and old alike walked side-by-side, regarded one another with respect and dignity, and showed the world what our passion is all about. It’s more than snazzy clothes and props clad with clockwork – it’s about sharing artistic ideas and forging life-long friendships that never would have come into existence otherwise. It’s about parents suddenly finding a common interest with their children that everyone can enjoy, and experiencing a renaissance of age-old morals, ideas, and aesthetics.

The Airship Isabella and her crew would like to thank all who attended the events this weekend, though a mere thanks hardly describes the unanimous feelings and gratitude we all feel. Airships Archaeopteryx, Edelweiss, Aurora, and so many, MANY more helped our crew in so many ways this weekend. And, as Captain Lazuli Delacru himself said, even those who were unable to attend were in our hearts. We are more than just a group of like-minded individuals… We are comrades and we are family.

We hope to return to Dickens on the Strand next year – and hope to bring even bigger, better, more spectacular of a showing. That, of course, can only be done with YOUR – the community’s – help! You all have warmed our hearts and given us the drive to continue on doing what we are doing… And we would be nowhere without you.

In the mean time, let’s celebrate! The year’s end approaches fast, as well as ASI’s final destination for 2010: Ikkicon V in the Austin, Texas aerodrome. Last year’s Ikkicon saw the start of a cacophony of new opportunities for ASI, and was what helped mold the crew to be what it is today. Thus, we have chosen this destination to hold the Isabella’s official one year birthday celebration! Come on out and help ring in the new year with new and old friends alike, with a steampunk flair to boot!

Stand by for more information while the event is scheduled. Also, keep your eye on the horizon as many new and exciting announcements may be on their way…

Countdown to Houston

Oni-Con is on the horizon! Look for us this weekend in Houston, TX at the Marriott Westchase hotel and convention center. We’ll be selling Steampunk goods and modifications, hosting panels, Club Oni’s Steampunk night, the Steampunk Museum and Bazaar, and much more!

Then, Halloween Night, come on out and see us at The Meridian where we’ll be attending The Deadman’s Ball for a HELL of a Halloween Bash! We’ll be hosting an Oni-Con after-party and Costume Contest. If you don’t come out for us, at LEAST come out for the one and only Voltaire, Razorblade Dolls, and DJ iENIGMA!


Something was wrong, something was terrible, she just knew it. They weren’t themselves… They had always been darker than the average person, always more volatile and dangerous, but this was something different. She saw it, others saw it, but how could they make it better? She had once been told of a concept called sickness, where the “infected” would change and suffer. Doctors would help them, treat them, but something told her no pokes or magic capsules would help her now.

The infection continues, and They become more incoherently vicious by the moment.

Who will help her?


Post con report!

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A letter found aloft…

Grave trouble has fallen upon the Airship Isabella and her crew.
In attempt to make a jump, the Aether reserves have overloaded thanks to a bolt of lightning to their core. Naturally their polarity would repel such a hazard, but something or someone has a play in this. The Airship Neo Dulcimer was prepared to piggyback the jump field as always and channel in their ships reserves to aid in the extra power needed. Now both ships hang in the sky with no power and nowhere to go but down. They have set a landing course, directly below in the lands of south Texas on the world we call Genesis, the world known to its inhabitants as Earth.

Beware, the crew of these ships are not entirely themselves. Something has infected the air; aether energy has polluted the ships internally and affected the crew, altering their minds and bodies. Only I remain unaffected, a clockwork doll with no organics only mechanics to rely on to keep me ticking. I am sending you this as a warning, please be careful, they are not themselves. They have gone mad, fighting violently amongst themselves… I have locked myself in the ships hold, occasionally they come and shout at me through the door trying to tear it down…. Please help..

— Time Keeper, Nyxie Essex

Realms Con, Corpus Christi October 1-3rd